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As natives of the West Coast cannabis community, the team at Local brings you premium craft cannabis that is true to the game. Exclusive, cup-winning genetics that have taken the West Coast by storm. Grown with the same recipe, love and dedication ALWAYS. Wherever we are, we bring the West Coast craft cannabis to you.




Our Genetics

Ice Cream Cake

Our Emerald Cup winning phenotype from the renowned breeders at Seed Junky Genetics, Ice Cream Cake is a cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. This Terp-heavy selection of our 2018 phenohunt is so full of flavor, the only thing that will keep you from finishing the jar in minutes is the serious punch it delivers.

North Shore

As Triangle Mints surges in popularity amongst cannabis lovers, our mission has been to capture and enhance the beloved gassy and creamy traits of this flavorful creation. Our “North Shore” pheno of Surfr’s Point Break nailed it.



A mouthful of gas backed by a mild shortbread cookie finish, this house-selected pheno of the Archive Seed Bank breeding project is heavily OG dominant with the added cookie sweetness of the Dosidos in its backbone.


House Selected Genetics. Strain Specific Cultivation.

Local Cannabis is what you get when you combine extensive experience and specialized growing skills with the utmost dedication to the plant. Using our own house-selected genetics that have won multiple Emerald Cups, and customized, strain-specific cultivation practices, our team of meticulous growers are producing some of the best quality exotic flowers in the market. We invite people who really know what West Coast cannabis is all about to experience the full complexity, character, and profound effects that can only come from those who have a true love for the game.

The Story of Local

Pride and dedication are what make Local. We’re from a place where love and commitment mean everything when crafting world-class cannabis. Genetics can be selected, and knowledge passed on, but you cannot teach the love and respect we have for this magical plant. Our team is a mix of Indoor growing pioneers and Greenhouse warriors that have conquered everything from large scale California vegetables to the smallest boutique cannabis rooms. Everything they do – including waking up at 3 am every night to check the climate control systems in our grows – is because we as a team are always competing to be the best representation of what our community has to offer. We’re from the most competitive landscape in cannabis, conquering the most prestigious cannabis cup in the world, and we will never stop working to give every cannabis lover what they deserve: the love and craftsmanship of a Local.

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