Orange 43

Lineage: White Fire 43 (Jungle Boys Cut) X Orange Juice Bud

Breeder: Obsoul33t 

Background: House selected phenotype of the Obsoul33t Genetics cross of White Fire 43 and their cherished Orange Juice Bud. This profoundly potent flower gives off that classic orange flavor while staying true to its OG lineage in structure and Gas. Heavily leaning toward the Jungle Boys parent, WIFI 43, this an extremely rare phenotype that often tests into the low 30s rather the low 20s in THC percentage.

Aroma: A vibrant blend of fresh peeled orange and gas. Unlike most citrus/orange strains, the gassy terps are able to shine through and not be dominated by the citrus. Gas is a house requirement!

Flavor: An earthy and nectarous orange smoke immediately surfaces on the inhale and is followed by the classic OG pine/fuel exhale. 

Effect: Don't let the orange/citrus characteristics fool you - this isn't a light, sativa-like head high. Orange 43 is a heavy hitter and it will be sure to let you know it. This is a great strain for kush fans who desire a heavy OG high but with a slight mental energy boost with the added limonene.