North Shore


Lineage: Tropicana Cookies X Trophy Wife (Triangle Mints)

Breeder: Surfr Seeds

Background: As Triangle Mints surges in popularity amongst cannabis lovers, our mission has been to capture and enhance the beloved gassy and creamy traits of this flavorful creation. After seeing one of our favorite breeders, Surfr Seeds, release Point Break - crossing their coveted Trophy Wife (Triangle Mints) with Tropicana Cookies - we immediately began to sift through phenotypes to realize our goal. Now, a few years later, we’re excited to release this Triangle Mints-dominant "North Shore" cut that gets a nice boost of creamy gas without any of the citrus terps from the Tropicana Cookies. A gassy and creamy treat that never gets old.

Aroma: Light traces of baked vanilla are abruptly followed by a strong dose of fuel and sweet mint, all leading to that iconic creamy and sweet finish inherent in cookie varietals.

Flavor: A blend of floral spice and gas - so reminiscent of Triangle Kush - is slowly dampened by a blanket of sweet cream at the height of the inhale, making this an ultra-smooth Kush smoke.

Effect: Indica- dominant body sensations and relaxation is balanced by a clear and energetic cerebral state, enabling this cultivar to lend itself well to a variety of activities. Whether you feel like watching the surf from the sand, or jumping in the water to catch the action, Point Break is an excellent beach companion.