Point Break

Lineage: Tropicana Cookies X Triangle Mints

Breeder: Surfr Seeds

Background: Our other selection from our Surfr seed hunt, Point Break #9 is a true representation of both its Tropicana Cookie and Triangle Mints parents. Typical Trop Cookies varietals struggle to meet the structure and size for our standards, but the Kush-heavy Triangle Mints returns the stability to this phenotype, yielding dense and beautifully structured, trichome-saturated flowers with an extremely loud terpene profile. Boasting a distinct blend of zesty tangerine and milky vanilla, the incredibly unique nose and flavor of this phenotype make it very difficult to not burn through the jar in minutes!

Aroma: A very loud citrus is curbed by notes of fuel and passion fruit. 

Flavor: A sharp burst of tangie terps immediately surface on the inhale followed by a gassy and creamy finish on the exhale.

Effect: The high levels of limonene really give this phenotype a sativa-leaning effect that is great for activities and the outdoors. We personally love some Point Break before hiking or surfing here in Santa Barbara!