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Ice Cream Cake

Lineage: Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake

Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Background: Our Emerald Cup-winning phenotype from the renowned breeders at Seed Junky Genetics, Ice Cream Cake is a cross between Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake. This Terp-heavy selection of our 2018 phenohunt is so full of flavor, the only thing that will keep you from finishing the jar in minutes is the serious punch it delivers.

Appearance: At first glance you’ll see a blanket of milky gold trichomes washed over the densely stacked, tight buds. Rich colors of lime green and purple sit beneath the powdered sugar coating as the orange pistols penetrate through.

Aroma: A creamy and sweet floral smell slowly grows more complex into what resembles a sourdough cake batter. Smell deeper and wisps of gas and pine surface with allspice undertones.

Taste: On the inhale is a rich and creamy caramel flavor with hints of lemon bars followed by a gassy and piney exhale with a mild milk chocolate finish.

Effect: The soothing and relaxing sensation discards aches and tension in the body while lending itself nicely to an uplifting and happy cerebral state.

Point Break

Lineage: Tropicana Cookies X Triangle Mints

Breeder: Surfr Seeds

Background: Our other selection from our Surfr seed hunt, Point Break #9 is a true representation of both its Tropicana Cookie and Triangle Mints parents. Typical Trop Cookies varietals struggle to meet the structure and size for our standards, but the Kush-heavy Triangle Mints returns the stability to this phenotype, yielding dense and beautifully structured, trichome-saturated flowers with an extremely loud terpene profile. Boasting a distinct blend of zesty tangerine and milky vanilla, the incredibly unique nose and flavor of this phenotype make it very difficult to not burn through the jar in minutes!

Aroma: A very loud citrus is curbed by notes of fuel and passion fruit.

Flavor: A sharp burst of tangie terps immediately surface on the inhale followed by a gassy and creamy finish on the exhale.

Effect: The high levels of limonene really give this phenotype a sativa-leaning effect that is great for activities and the outdoors. We personally love some Point Break before hiking or surfing here in Santa Barbara!


Lineage: Sunset Sherbert X Loompa’s Headband

Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

Background: Our cherished cut of Sherbhead carries all the bright and tangy qualities of Sunset Sherbert while delivering a heavy dose of gas from its Loompa’s Headband lineage. After popping dozens and dozens of Cannarado seed packs, we came across A TON of fire phenos, but this gas-heavy winner was undoubtedly our selection. She slings out perfectly structured and colorful diamond shaped buds that are glazed in milky white trichomes. The gassy, sweet (and mildly sour) nose is truly unbeatable.

Aroma: The classic sweet and tangy Sherbert nose with an added lemony and gassy backbone.

Flavor: We’re all about the flavor in our selections and Sherbhead made it’s case for us day 1. After one puff you’ll taste a rainbow of different fruity and gassy terpenes that linger on the tongue long after you’ve exhaled.

Effect: Another reason Sherbhead is one of our house favorites is the unreal combination of flavor and effects. You get that strong Headband high that consistently hits time after time, and you never want to put the joint down because it tastes so good. Be careful with this one!

Orange 43

Lineage: White Fire 43 (Jungle Boys Cut) X Orange Juice Bud

Breeder: Obsoul33t

Background: House selected phenotype of the Obsoul33t Genetics cross of White Fire 43 and their cherished Orange Juice Bud. This profoundly potent flower gives off that classic orange flavor while staying true to its OG lineage in structure and Gas. Heavily leaning toward the Jungle Boys parent, WIFI 43, this an extremely rare phenotype that often tests into the low 30s rather than low 20s in THC percentage.

Aroma: A vibrant blend of fresh peeled orange and gas. Unlike most citrus/orange strains, the gassy terps are able to shine through and not be dominated by the citrus. Gas is a house requirement!

Flavor: An earthy and nectarous orange smoke immediately surfaces on the inhale and is followed by the classic OG pine/fuel exhale.

Effect: Don’t let the orange/citrus characteristics fool you – this isn’t a light, sativa-like head high. Orange 43 is a heavy hitter and it will be sure to let you know it. This is a great strain for kush fans who desire a heavy OG high but with a slight mental energy boost with the added limonene.


Lineage: Face Off OG X Dosidos

Breeder: Archive Seed Bank

Background: The classic Dosidos vibes with an extra punch of OG, Dosiface is a luscious cross between Archive Seed Banks Face Off OG and Dosidos. We selected this phenotype due to its mouthwatering combination of cookie and OG terps, carrying loads of gas and just the right amount of cookie and grape sweetness. This is one of our absolute favorites.

Aroma: Crack open the lid and you’ll be greeted by wafts of gassy syrup and the slightest hint of candied grape. Dig deeper and the baked goods come out, most resembling a sweet shortbread cookie.

Flavor: A balanced blend of sweet and savory, the eye-watering fuel of OG on the inhale is gently curbed by a full bodied, biscuity cookie finish.

Effect: The deeply sedating effects of DosiFace are great for winding down at the end of the day. It’s easy on the mind, giving a nice mental clarity that lets you relax and recover.

North Shore

Lineage: Tropicana Cookies X Triangle Mints

Breeder: Surfr Seeds

Background: As Triangle Mints surges in popularity amongst cannabis lovers, our mission has been to capture and enhance the beloved gassy and creamy traits of this beautifully balanced creation. After seeing one of our favorite breeders, Surfr Seeds, release Point Break – crossing their coveted Trophy Wife (Triangle Mints) with Tropicana Cookies – we immediately began to sift through phenotypes to realize our goal. Now, a few years later, we’re excited to release this Triangle Mints dominant “North Shore” cut that gets a nice boost of creamy gas without any of the citrus terps from the Tropicana cookies. A gassy and creamy treat that never gets old.

Aroma: Light traces of baked vanilla are abruptly followed by a strong dose of fuel and sweet mint, all leading to that iconic creamy and sweet finish inherent in cookie varietals.

Flavor: A blend of floral spice and gas – so reminiscent of Triangle Kush – is slowly dampened by a blanket of sweet cream at the height of the inhale, making this an ultra-smooth Kush smoke.

Effect: Indica- dominant body sensations and relaxation is balanced by a clear and energetic cerebral state, enabling this cultivar to lend itself well to a variety of activities. Whether you feel like watching the surf from the sand, or jumping in the water to catch the action, Point Break is an excellent beach companion.